In the course of consulting with our clients, we often research and recommend the best hardware and software products and cloud services to meet our customers’ needs. After years of doing this, there are several best-in-class solutions that really stand out as the best value choice. These are solutions that have proven their value again and again in a variety of different businesses. As a result, we recommend these more than any other solutions.

To provide you with the best value from our service, we have partnered with several vendors to provide these best-in-class solutions. These partnerships enable us to offer discounted pricing, work with vendor resources to design the best possible solutions, and provide the highest level of support and service. Partnerships also give us a direct connection with higher-tier support and engineering resources with vendors, adding value even when discounts over direct pricing are not available.

VMware creates virtualization products that enable companies to realize cost savings from server consolidation and reduced operating expenses; infrastructure stability, flexibility, and uptime; and streamlined disaster recovery processes for improved business continuity.

Scale Computing integrated virtualization with clustered shared storage nodes at a great value over traditional virtual infrastructures. Scale’s clustered systems are a great option for small and midsize businesses who want to realize the benefits of virtualization, but do not need the full suite of features offered by VMware. Scale’s clustered solution scales easily in both capacity and performance as capacity needs grow.

We also source VoIP phones, servers, desktops, components and peripherals, and software products from several other partners and vendors, including Microsoft, HP, and IBM.

For every solution we build, for every client, we use only the most reliable, proven, and well-supported products. We create technology solutions that you can rely on to support and grow your business.

Contact us today to learn how we can create technology solutions to your business needs.