As an IT consultancy,  our primary “service” is consulting. That means, when you have a need, we can work directly with the business owner or executive, or with IT managers and staff in your company, to help you select and implement the right mix of information technology for your business. In addition to consulting, we also offer several hosted services, including Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, website and email hosting, and offsite backup for data protection. Ask us about services for your business; we will tailor a solution specifically to meet your needs. When consulting with your company, we can perform any or all of the following services:

  • analysis: When you have a challenge, question, or concern about a technology-related issue in your company, we will uncover the answers and explain the results in clear language. If further action is warranted, we’ll suggest how best to proceed to resolve the issue.
  • planning: Whether you need to solve a specific problem or launch a complex project, we can help you define the goal, identify milestones, break down project steps into actionable items, and get the ball rolling. Taking the next step and keeping the goal in mind are both important aspects of project management — we’ll help you keep everything in sync, regardless of whether we do the work or help coach your team through implementation.
  • design: To achieve optimal results, each system you deploy must be designed for both performance and compatibility. Business processes and application workflow have to work together for any project to get management buy-in and user acceptance, deploy successfully, and generate a return on investment. Put our years of experience with hardware and application design to work to design success into your projects from the beginning.
  • implementation: For every solution we recommend, we also offer the resources to implement that solution. Whether you choose to have us consult with your IT staff to guide them through the process, or ask us to fully handle the implementation from spec through launch, we will help keep your project on track to achieve your goals.
  • training: To be successful, any new technology implementation must be used by you and your staff. We have trained hundreds of individuals and groups, informally and in classroom settings, on a wide variety of tools and environments. We can help you by training your end-users on new applications, or training your technical staff to administer new infrastructure components.
  • administration: Put our expertise to work keeping your critical systems secure, stable, and up-to-date. We can work directly to administer your systems, or with your staff to automate and streamline administrative tasks for your technology infrastructure.
  • support: Lower your stress and preserve your peace of mind knowing that you can call on us when you need help. We support any system that we’ve helped you implement, and many other standard and customized configurations from other vendors as well. Chances are, we can help resolve any issue you encounter. If it’s something we don’t work with, we will make our best effort to recommend someone who does.

How’s that for service? If you’re still not sure, contact us for an interview or a free analysis, and let us show you how we can help to achieve your goals.