We build and maintain custom VoIP systems for many of our customers. Some need the flexibility of a custom solution, and others want the cost savings made possible with our service model. Our maintenance service for custom systems is designed to save you money by charging a fixed cost per phone system, not padded with per-user monthly service fees.

While our custom systems are a great fit for many customers, those who need smaller deployments of less than 5 phones may benefit from a different service model. With few users, a per-user monthly service can make sense. To that end we have researched the market for options and narrowed our selection down to two highly rated services, which we are testing now. Stay tuned to learn about our tested and proven options for small teams in early 2015.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about our custom VoIP systems and service model, please read on below—or to discuss your unique situation and options, please contact us so we can start a conversation.

Thank you!

TerranHost VoIP managed phone system

We recommend, build, and manage VoIP systems for our customers just like the one we use in-house. Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems offer terrific features and flexibility compared to traditional phone systems. In addition, VoIP phone service costs are typically lower—often much lower—than a traditional phone service.

Traditional PBX phone systems are hardware-based, relying on expensive hardware physically installed at your location. Our VoIP phone system is software-based, and runs on a dedicated virtual server in a datacenter optimized for hosting voice service. The phone service uses a carrier-class provider for inbound and outbound call termination.

Here is a summary of what we offer to complete your transition to VoIP. You own your phone system and provider accounts; our service to you is billed separately.

Migrate to VoIP service

To make sure your transition is successful, we offer a fixed-cost migration service to get you up and running. Here is an overview of the steps we follow:

  • collect information about your services and usage
  • estimate initial cost and ongoing service rates
  • recommend component purchases
  • create accounts with providers
  • request temporary number(s) to use for forwarding
  • configure firewall to prevent unauthorized access
  • install and update PBX with current security patches
  • configure PBX trunks, extensions, voicemail, time conditions, call routing, music on hold
  • configure phones and test internal calling between extensions
  • connect trunks and test inbound and outbound dialing
  • configure and test email for notifications
  • configure and test backups
  • provide customized documentation for phone system use
  • train users and deploy phones
  • begin forwarding calls to temporary number(s)
  • submit port request(s) for number(s) to bring from previous carrier*
  • monitor porting process to ensure successful completion
  • cancel service with previous carrier 2 weeks after port completion

*Note: in the event of carrier conflict, managing more than 2 port requests per number will incur additional billable time.

Phone system maintenance

Keeping your phone system secure, up to date, and backed up is critically important. Unlike a traditional hardware-based in-house phone system, your VoIP system is software-based and connected to the Internet. Like any connected server, your phone system requires regular maintenance to continue to function reliably.

We can help you here, too. We manage and backup your phone system for a flat monthly rate, regardless of how many security patches and updates come out each month.

Monthly maintenance includes:

  • host and monitor weekly backups for your PBX
  • install security patches on a weekly schedule
  • monitor and install software updates on a monthly schedule

Because we use the same setup for our phone system, we test all updates on our own system before installing them on yours.

Configuration and support

Your initial setup is complete, and we handle maintenance and backups for you on our annual service plan. What happens when you need to change something or add an extension?

Simple: configuration changes are billed as hourly consulting, invoiced monthly. Just call or email when you need something, and we will take care of it.

Emergency support and disaster recovery are also billed as hourly consulting.